Bloodline99 Recurve

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After extensive R&D efforts Bloodline Fibers have developed a coating technology specific to bowstring fiber . Their coating excels in abrasion protection, fiber load balancing and reduced strand on strand friction.


-Next Level Fiber Coating (Designed In the Lab By Nerds with PHD's)

-100% Dyneema Sk99 Fiber ( Highest grade on the market)

-Smallest Diameter Fiber Available

-Typical Bowstring Application 28-34 Wraps


Color Options:

-Arctic White, Deep Purple, Emerald Green, Flordia Orange, Royal Blue, Sunset Red, Swallowtail yellow, Vader Black, and Violet. 

There is no additional charge for extra string colors, pin stripes, or speed nocks. Enter as much information as possible about the bow for which you purchasing strings. If you have any questions about your bow information feel free to contact us.